A major focus of this program is understanding the structure of experience— it's about learning how to learn and develop new models for yourself. There is no limit to what you can create for yourself once you understand "how people do what they do." This heightened awareness takes you to new levels of understanding and behaving.

We welcome you in joining us to become more responsive and alive, creating the opportunities that draw you towards your own compelling future.

Come and learn advanced NLP applications for use in both professional and personal contexts. The skills of Master Practitioner will teach you even more about NLP, the mind, deeper communication skills and higher level change processes.

The training is presented in a generative learning mode (learning to learn) using NLP to teach NLP. This method teaches you how to use what you know, and to learn more and at a faster rate. This style of training (in a limited class size) enables you to absorb and develop immediately, noticing your own transformations during the course.

Taking your communication and people management skills to the next level of NLP mastery is the key purpose of this course.

  • The Study of Human Excellence
  • NLP frames for successful communication
  • Improved communication skills in business, sales, management etc
  • Learn powerful language patterns to achieve a new level of influence with precision & elegance
  • Learn how to persuade and influence through the art of communication
  • Learn the art of communicating within someone’s learning system to influence at much deeper level
  • Free yourself from negative self re-enforcing habits and behaviors
  • Discover how to achieve successful results you want in your life much faster
  • Become clear and align with your true purpose in life
  • Learn how to negotiate for win win situations
  • Update the software of your mind and build a mindset for success
  • Remove limitations, apprehensions and doubts to be free of whatever has been holding you back
  • How to create long lasting and deep meaningful relationships in life and business
  • Create long lasting outcomes that consistently create motivation, success and confidence
  • Discover how to manage your emotions and to master the control of your state
  • Understanding the Trance state of hypnosis and how to use it to influence others positively and effectively
  • Discover your timeline for letting go of negative emotions such as anger, stress, overwhelm etc
  • Learn How the Brain codes information and how we can change those codes
  • How to resolve internal/external conflict within yourself and/or the workplace
  • Develop a Powerful Mindset for Optimum Performance and Achievement
  • Learn how to create New behaviours for a more fulfilling life with others and self
  • Discover and Understand the relationship between Values and Motivation
  • Discover how to live with Self Empowerment and Confidence
  • Learn to Motivate others for Peak Performance in Life, Sports & Business
  • Learn Powerful Conversational Language Patterns to influence and bypass resistance
  • Learn Powerful Strategies – How we can upgrade and better our thinking patterns
  • Improve your thinking patterns for clarity and focus
  • Powerful techniques for creating life long strategies for success and happiness

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