About your presenter… your facilitator

Bee Mahimkar, a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Lingusitic Programming, a Certified Hypnotherapist and registered social worker has spent more than 20 years in studying human behaviour, psychology and non-verbal communication. Bee Mahimkar is a dynamic presenter on a wide range of topics ranging from personal growth to combating addictions. Her unique style is at once informative and entertaining, demonstrating Bee’s instinctive ability to convey the most sophisticated topics to her audience in an easy to understand manner.


Bee Mahimkar has a Bachelor and Masters of Arts from Mumbai University (India) and a Masters of Social Work degree from Massey University (New Zealand) with certifications in clinical supervision and management programs.Over the last 17 years Bee Mahimkar has held a number of senior leadership and management positions whilst maintaining an active practice and clinical experience involvement. Bee Mahimkar’s extensive experience includes, Business Mentoring, Mental health and addictions sector, parenting and behavioral change therapies. As a founder of Exponential Development.Seminars, Bee Mahimkar is passionate about leading, learning and providing interventions for people who want to bring change into their lives.

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