About company

Exponential Development Seminars is dedicated to helping people get the results they want, whether it is in the field of personal success, individual development or combating addictions.


Exponential Development Seminars has been helping people achieve their dreams by offering introductory workshops and one on one sessions around Australia, New Zealand and India.The company offers a range of NLP training programs, including interventions to achieve mental well-being and promote career and personal growth.

Aims: The company aims to revolutionize NLP education all over the world by making top-notch training affordable and available to anyone who has a genuine desire to improve their life.

Objectives: To help 100,000 people in the next 10 years to enjoy the better life they deserve through NLP education and/or intervention. To empower and enhance people’s lives through education and inspiration To provide interventions to achieve, exponential career growth, mental well-being, address addictions to motivated people who have a genuine desire to improve their life.

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